Our in house and associated specialists have been involved with high-precision GPS and GNSS, assisting in the development of innovative GPS measuring techniques such as Differential GPS (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematic (RTK) with over thousands of high precision points established in the USA, Canada and Latin America.

From 1992 to 1994 we had the opportunity of teaching High Precision (sub-millimeter) GPS at the Mexican Institute of Mapping (INEGI) during the time the country was embarked in an ambitious country-wide cadastre project.

In 1992 our founder was instrumental in the creation of the first digital photogrammetric company in Venezuela, Consorcio Geodesico Venezolano, where he and his colleagues created a mapping practice using RTK and the latest in aviation technology and digital stereo-plotting to capture a good portion of a heavily contested market.


What We Can Do For Your Company

  • Second order control network for Hydro Quebec at Lac Mollet, Quebec, Canada.
  • Second order control network, South Carolina.
  • DGPS & RTK development team member.
  • Launched a digital photogrammetry company in 1992 in Venezuela.
  • Establishment of ground control points in North & South America.
  • INEGI, Mexico, training & establishing high precision GPS procedures.

In today’s competitive world if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Therefore, investing in the planning phase of your GNSS project is key to a successful outcome both technically and financially. These are the areas where we can contribute to your team:

  • Estimating the number of receivers needed for a specific project based on precision and delivery time
  • Field logistics.
  • Defining receiver specifications
  • Deployment of field crews.
  • Least-Square adjustments.
  • Deliverables.


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