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What We Can Do For Your Company

If you are a manufacturer of UAS in a heavily regulated country and are ready to explore new markets we can assist in developing distribution networks in South and Latin America. This will provide your company with quick sales and rapid expansion.

We can also help by obtaining Exception 333 certification from the FAA and registration of your brand and models with the FAA once the legislation is approved.

Over the past two years we have helped drone manufacturers penetrate new markets in Latin America by identifying distribution channels and therefore generating revenue in less regulated legal environments.

This strategy has allowed some of our customers to generate a positive cash flow while waiting for the FAA to publish and enforce its regulations in the USA.

By following closely the issuing of Exception 333 we have been able to develop strategies to accelerate the approval process of these certifications.

We are following closely new regulations in many countries throughout the world in order to help our customers reach these markets as soon as legislation is passed.

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